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Chairman's Message

chairman smallx.JPGMay 2021

Cvi-roots-onvention-2021-FC-state-removebg-preview.pngHello NIIA – welcome to my second to last newsletter.  I have sure enjoyed writing these and hope you are able to find value in what I am bringing to your attention.  This month, I want to touch on the convention and a BIG I member benefit that might be helpful to you all.

The convention is quickly taking shape and I am really excited about what we have put together. I'll save you the outline can be found here, but want to encourage you to register ASAP.  We have really stepped up our offerings this year in hopes of more agent/member participation.  If you have not yet been to a convention, we have some scholarships available to help with the cost.  Please email Susan Bauman ( for details.

Big I Hiring Made Easy.pngI also wanted to give a brief testimonial for BIG I Hires.  I am sure many of you are finding yourself in the same position I am, trying to find good quality job candidates in what is likely the hardest job markets we've ever faced.  While I would encourage you to seek some “untraditional" methods I would also suggest you let the team at BIG I Hires help you with the more traditional ones. As a BIG I member you get access to a team that guarantees a hire if you sign up for their annual plan, if not you get your money back.  The team over there will build two job postings for you and their platform will push it out to a range of posting sites such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter etc.  They give you access to a platform that allows you to track and manage applicants and even comes with a free assessment for those that chose to do it.  It's hard to hire right now and personally I have found good success with this BIG I benefit, I would suggest looking into it.

That's all for now.   I look forward to seeing you in Minden on June 6th!




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