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Political Action Committee

The support of candidates for public office is a basic right and a vital element in securing future stability for the independent agency system and the interests of the insurance consumer.

To provide the mechanism for our members to collectively direct their political contributions to candidates that understand our industry and that support business principles and independent agents’ positions, NIIA offers Political Action Committees for both federal and state elections.

Our strength is that we use your contributions wisely and have always been able to get heard on the issues that affect us as independent agents and the insurance buying public.

To donate to our Political Action Committees or for more information on our legislative efforts please contact Rachael Rizzi , Legislative and InsurPAC/NIIPAC Committees or Susan Bauman, Executive Director or call NIIA headquarters at (775) 499-5844.


NIIPAC is the political action committee established by the Nevada Independent Insurance Agents in 1960 for the purpose of supporting Nevada’s candidates and issues.

NIIPAC contributions are used within Nevada to support candidates statewide who are business knowledgeable and sympathetic to, and understand, insurance industry issues.

While the total fund for NIIPAC pales in comparison to some other professional organizations, our strength is that we use your contributions wisely and have always been able to be heard on the issues that affect the independent agency system.

NIIPAC contributions can be made by either individuals or businesses. Simply click below to contribute with a credit card or complete the NIIPAC enrollment form (NIIPAC Contribution Form.pdf) and mail it with your check made payable to NIIPAC, P.O. Box 530425, Henderson, NV 89053.  Contribute Online Here

For more information contact


InsurPAC was created by the IIAA in 1976 for the purpose of making contributions to candidates for the U.S. Congress. InsurPAC is the largest property-casualty insurance industry PAC in the country, The Wall Street Journal and the Federal Election Commission have listed InsurPAC among the top fifteen business and association political action funds in the country.

The IIABA federal political action committee, InsurPAC, plays a key role in the success of the Big “I”  legislative goals. InsurPAC raises money to contribute to candidates running for federal office, while increasing agent visibility on Capitol Hill and empowering members to participate in the political process.

for more information, contact the NIIA NIIPAC/InsurPac Committee at  or Vice President, Political Affairs for the IIABA Nathan Riedel or visit InsurPac.