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Word of the month: Invest

Setting yourself and your company up for success comes at a price. This price is an investment. There is no better time than now to visit how you invest your time and energy. How you manage your day and what you commit yourself to achieve your goals is important? Sometimes it can be easier if you know what your partners have to offer.

sb characture.pngDo you access the tools and resources available to you? I am going to guess you are not aware of at least 50% of what the NIIA/Big I has to offer you and your team as members of the association. Be my guest, call me! 775-499-5844. Let me connect you with some of the best industry resources to provide a path to a thriving agency. Take this time to invest in yourself professionally with the development and educational offerings, marketing tools, markets, assessments, recruiting and hiring resources, technology information and recommendations, outreach, and much more.

Invest in your future by registering for the NIIA Annual State Convention-Strength In Numbers, right in your backyard at the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa Casino - Henderson, Nevada June 14. Whether you are an agency owner, part of the management team, producer, or account manager the topics for discussion will enhance your knowledge and your outlook on growing your agency. Discussions regarding Leadership, Industry Legislation & Regulation, Driving business and growth through Diversity & Inclusion. This is the one convention you do not want to miss. (Read more)

       January :  Mindfulness

       February: Refuel

       March: Progress

       April: Diversity

       May: Invest

April 2022

Message from the Emerging Leaders Committee Chair:

Michael Mitchell

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Aim to Excel with the Nevada Emerging Leaders.

The ELC Committee is excited to host several events in 2022. There are many opportunities to network with peers and other industry representatives to develop relationships that are personally and professionally rewarding.  Emerging Leaders aim to excel by developing insurance, sales and leadership skills through the NIIA and ELC events and programs. For the love of baseball, we hope you will join us with your family at the ELC Night Out events at the Las Vegas Ballpark and the Greater Nevada Field. Our partners and sponsors make it possible for us to host these events at special prices for our members. Be sure to mark your calendar for the very first EMERGING LEADERS SUMMIT June 15 at the GVR. 


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March 2022

Michael Mitchell, ELC Chair 2021-2022

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the ELC Putt-Putt Tournament. It was a great time, a little chilly, but alot of fun.

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Message from the Emerging Leaders Committee Chair:

 Michael Mitchell

mmitchell (003).jpg Happy Holidays!

One of the greatest gifts Emerging Leaders has given me is a group of great people who I keep in contact with. We speak on a regular basis to discuss the work we were doing in each of our respective verticals, we bounce ideas off each other, and we stay connected with those after their term is over. While we may come from the agency or carrier side, I think that's the beauty of the program, that it connects you to leaders who are dedicated to making an impact in one way or another. 

Be on the watch for some great events in 2022 including the NIIA Tradeshow, MEET RENO at the Atlantis March 10th.  Join us for opportunities to build relationships and learn new techniques to build your independent insurance business. 

Get started today on improving your professional development and building your business. Feel free to reach out to me directly at to find out how to join the ELC.


Michael Mitchell, ELC Chair

Why ELC? Hear from the ELC Officers and their Why's.

Taylor Holmes, ELC Chair-Elect

Gabby Garrick, ELC Treasurer

Chad Kaercher, ELC Secretary

Jared Wilkins,  Immediate Past ELC Chair 


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 Highlights Archive


Ernie worked for Aniello insurance for over 30 years. [more]
Darrell Taylor, Principal of Valley Insurance Winnemucca served as the 1980 NIIA Chairman. [more]
Mr. Mastos was the Nevada Commissioner of Insurance from 1965 to 1971. [more]