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President's Message


Presidents Message

menath square headshot.png Dear NIIA Members,

As we navigate the intricacies of the insurance landscape this November, I am excited to share a recent highlight from my role as your President. Last month, I had the honor of participating as a panelist representing the Big 'I 'on the Insurance Commissioners Panel, where we discussed the pressing issue of rising auto rates.

Being part of this panel provided a unique opportunity to advocate for our industry and shed light on the challenges our clients are facing. Rising auto rates continue to be a concern, and our proactive involvement allows us to influence the decisions that shape our industry's trajectory.

During the panel discussion, I emphasized the importance of collaboration and innovation in addressing the factors contributing to escalating auto rates. As independent insurance agents, our insights and experiences are invaluable in shaping policies that strike a balance between protecting consumers and maintaining the health of our industry.

This experience reinforces the crucial role that NIIA plays in influencing policy decisions. Our collective voice, backed by real-world experiences, is a powerful tool in advocating for policies that support fair and reasonable insurance rates.

As we continue through November, let's carry this momentum forward. By staying informed and engaged, we can navigate the challenges of our industry while championing the interests of our clients.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to NIIA, and let's keep pushing boundaries to ensure a prosperous future for the independent insurance agent community.

Best Regards,

Scott Menath

President, Nevada Independent Insurance Agents

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