Importance of Advocacy:

The insurance business is incredibly complex and it is important for the future of the industry to have informed and educated representation in the legislative process, so elected officials understand the impact their decisions will have. Every legislative session brings discussion and debate on major issues effecting insurance agents, companies and consumers.

The Nevada Legislature meets on alternate odd years.  However, NIIA’s legislative work is ongoing and is considered to be one of the most important aspects of service to our Members.  For NIIA the legislative process includes, but is not limited to:  Identifying an issue, (our Members are key in bringing industry related issues to our attention), assess the depth and breadth of the issue and determine possible solutions.  If new legislation is needed, we work with our Governmental Counsel to create a bill draft, have the bill introduced and shepherd the bill through the process until enactment.

Staff attends key Committee hearings, providing input and monitoring bill movement.  Members of the NIIA Legislative Committee also spend time monitoring proposed bills and visiting personally with members of the Senate and the Assembly.

Also from time to time during the Legislative Session our Members are called upon to contact their representative on specific issues. When asked, it is vital that Members make these contacts.  To assist you, NIIA provides the following contact information:

Nevada State Assembly:

Nevada State Senate:

For general information about the 2017 Legislative Session, please access

Political Action:

There are lots of ways to get involved in the political process: contributing money to a campaign, cause or political action committee; volunteering for a candidate’s campaign, contacting a legislator or their staff, and of course most importantly voting. Stay up to date on the latest political news in your local area, and know your representatives in the local, state and federal levels. Correspond regularly with your elected officials and their staff,  VOTE and make sure your voice is heard.