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HCIT / TrustCo

 **This product is a Big “I" member benefit**

HCIT is a DIC Flood, Earthquake, and Landslide policy, that was established in 1975, and has provided catastophe insurance protection for these types of losses that aren't generally covered by standard homeowners policies. The HCIT program is insured 100% through our underwriters at Lloyd's of London, who have been with us since the beginning. One of the best parts about this program is that the Big “I" Agents and CSR's love that there's absolutely NO QUOTING necessary!

We understand time is money. The less work you have to do to make your insured's happy, the better off your relationship with them will be, making it likely they'll write more business with your agency.

It's really simple. The premium table is located on the front of the application, which you can access from the links listed below. It includes all applicable policy and state surplus line taxes and fees. On the application, and you'll find the premium cost located to the right of the replacement cost of the dwelling.

Unlike NFIP, HCIT offers up to 1 Million in coverage, and we don't require elevation certificates, or flood CE . There is a 5% and a 1% deductible (1% is if the mortgagee is requesting it). There is 10 day waiting period, but can be taken down to 5 days for a mortagee closing, and the policy will automatically renewed.



Do you have a book of business with NFIP? If so, here are some changes coming your way.

Did you know, Floods are the most common natural disaster in the USA?

How are we different?

How to Apply

1.       Complete one of the Applications below, along with the Addendum.

*Please open in Adobe. Entries typed in if opened in a web page will not save your work.

NEVADA5.pdf (5% Deductible)

NEVADA1.pdf (1% Deductible)

Addendum.pdf (only required if applying for the 1% deductible)

2.       Submit the completed Application and Addendum to Heidi Willies at

If you have any immediate questions, you can reach her at (801) 912 - 0605

Agent Q&A.pdf

Insured Q&A.pdf

DIC Form.pdf

 Mortgagee Letter.pdf

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