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The Nevada Independent Insurance Agents play a vital role when it comes to the Legislation in our industry. As a result of the donations and volunteer time spent by its members they have been successful in providing critical information to our elected officials which helps steer the Legislators into making decision that benefit our industry. Nevada is an important state and we work with our council to ensure we have appropriate and beneficial representation in Carson City and Washington D.C.

Two PACs – One Voice

We need your support for both NIIPAC (Nevada) and InsurPac (Federal) – not just for the dollars that go to candidates and causes supportive of our aims, but for the direct contact that association members can make at the grassroots level. It is a system that works only if you support it.

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2020 Nevada General Election Legislative Results-Final

Provided by Black & Wadhams Attorneys at Law-November 16, 2021

All the ballots cast in Nevada have now been counted and the various county commissions have finalized the canvas of votes. The composition of the 21st Legislative Session is now set. The complete list is below this email.

The Republicans had a strong election down-ballot. The GOP held every seat it was defending and flipped four total seats (one in the Senate, three in the Assembly). However, even with these gains the Democrats still hold strong majorities in both houses.

The State Senate will be 12 – 9 Democrats to Republicans. Carrie Buck (R) narrowly defeated Kristee Watson (D) to pick up Senate District 5, which had been held by termed out Senator Joyce Woodhouse (D). With Senator Heidi Gansert (R) holding her district – which had the closest voter registration of all senate districts, the Republicans go into 2021 in a slightly stronger position. Ultimately though, blocking the 2/3rds majority simply means any new tax or revenue will need to secure at least two Republican votes in the Senate to reach Governor Steve Sisolak's (D) desk.

The State Assembly will be 26 – 16 Democrats to Republicans. With pick-ups in Assembly District 4 where Richard McArthur (R) defeated incumbent Connie Munk (D), Assembly District 31 where Jill Dickman (R) defeated incumbent Skip Daly (D), and Assembly District 37 where Andy Matthews (R) defeated incumbent Shea Backus (D), the GOP has broken their super-minority status. As with the Senate, the new numbers in the Assembly mean any tax or revenue measure will require the support of at least two Republicans in that house as well.

While Republicans did gain seats and a larger voice in tax and revenue measures, the Democrats have significant majorities and hold the Governor's Office. So, many of the same priorities of the majority that were seen in 2019 – worker protection and classification, health care access and expansion, and regulation of business practices are likely to return. How these priorities may intersect with the significant shortfall in revenue from the pandemic is unknown.

Additionally, with the COVID-19 pandemic currently spiking, it appears likely, at this time, that the 2021 Session will be held virtually - like this summer's special sessions. In a “normal" legislative session, about 1,000 bills are considered. For comparison, between the two virtual special sessions 16 bills were considered in 19 days. It would seem that the 2021 Session, if done similarly, will be far smaller in scope given the constraints of technology and stakeholder participation.

Jesse Wadhams

Incumbents in bold italics. New legislators in underline. *Prior legislative service.


District 1 (Clark)

Pat Spearman (D)

District 3 (Clark)

Chris Brooks (D)

District 4 (Clark)

Dina Neal (D)*

District 5 (Clark)

Carrie Buck (R)

District 6 (Clark)

Nicole Cannizzaro (D)

District 7 (Clark)

Roberta Lange (D)

District 11 (Clark)

Dallas Harris (D)

District 15 (Washoe)

Heidi Gansert (R)

District 18 (Clark)

Scott Hammond (R)

District 19 (Rural)

Pete Goicoechea (R)




District 1 (Clark)

Daniele Monroe-Moreno (D)

District 2 (Clark)

Heidi Kasama (R)

District 3 (Clark)

Selena Torres (D)

District 4 (Clark)

Richard McArthur (R)*

District 5 (Clark)

Brittney Miller (D)

District 6 (Clark)

Shondra Summers-Armstrong (D)

District 7 (Clark)

C.H. Miller (D)

District 8 (Clark)

Jason Frierson (D)

District 9 (Clark)

Steve Yeager (D)

District 10 (Clark)

Rochelle Nguyen (D)

District 11 (Clark)

Bea Duran (D)

District 12 (Clark)

Susan Martinez (D)

District 13 (Clark)

Tom Roberts (R)

District 14 (Clark)

Maggie Carlton (D)

District 15 (Clark)

Howard Watts (D)

District 16 (Clark)

Cecilia Gonzalez (D)

District 17 (Clark)

Claire Thomas (D)

District 18 (Clark)

Venicia Considine (D)

District 19 (Clark)

Annie Black (R)

District 20 (Clark)

David Orentlicher (D)

District 21 (Clark)

Elaine Marzola (D)

District 22 (Clark)

Melissa Hardy (R)

District 23 (Clark)

Glen Leavitt (R) 

District 24 (Washoe)

Sarah Peters (D)

District 25 (Washoe)

Jill Tolles (R)

District 26 (Washoe)

Lisa Krasner (R)

District 27 (Washoe)

Teresa Benitez-Thompson (D)

District 28 (Clark)

Edgar Flores (D)

District 29 (Clark)

Leslie Cohen (D)

District 30 (Washoe)

Natha Anderson (D)

District 31 (Washoe)

Jill Dickman* (R)

District 32 (Washoe)

Alexis Hansen (R)

District 33 (Rural)

John Ellison (R)

District 34 (Washoe)

Shannon Bibray-Axelrod (D)

District 35 (Clark)

Michelle Gorelow (D)

District 36 (Nye)

Greg Hafen (R)

District 37 (Clark)

Andy Matthews (R)

District 38 (Douglas)

Robin Titus (R)

District 39 (Douglas)

Jim Wheeler (R)

District 40 (Carson City)

PK O'Neill (R)*

District 41 (Clark)

Sandra Jauregui (D)

District 42 (Clark)

Alexander Assefa (D)